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Anne Jarnagin

February 2015

These art pieces are a melding of wire, wool roving, bone, beads, feathers, textiles and encaustic wax w/ embedded image transfer.

Arni Adler

October 2014

Self-taught artist Arni Adler paints dreamlike figures who represent some -- often confounding -- state of internal affairs. They are of two minds, are overly burdened or totally blissed, or in existential pause. This show features large contemplative portraits, two whimsical paintings, and many 3-D figures painted on wood scraps.

Ben Chamberlain

May 2015

These watercolor--with some ink and digital--illustrations produced for my online science fiction adventure comic strip take a great deal of inspiration from both modern and classic science fiction stories, comics, serials, and films, as well as from the history of space exploration, observation, and theory.   Ben Chamberlain