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A.J. Power

September 2015

I generally use my paintings to describe my feelings about the human condition. Lately I have been painting fauna as a metaphor for personal revelations. Animals are a great way to describe ourselves, since their anthropomorphism is (to me) unavoidable.

Amy Harris

August 2016

The mystery of geological formations inspires me.

The elaborate shapes that exist in them suggest a history of

dramatic transformation. I’m fascinated by the stories

behind these amazing monuments. All works are done in watercolor,

gouache, ink and pencil on paper.

Amy Lanset

April 2015

Many of my current paintings are inspired by vintage photographs, which I re-imagine in spontaneous color. Like Dorothy landing in Oz, the results can be surprising, wonderful, and/or a bit sinister. The laughing monk and Buddha pieces are from wood carvings, as is the Quan Yin/water spirit.