Art at Lighthouse

We take pride in being part of the art community, encouraging and supporting local artists. We rotate artists on or about the first of each month.

AJ Power

November 2017

Though I don’t feel bound to it, most of my paintings have animal imagery. Looking at animals as a way of studying our own behavior. In a way, they are like self-portraits.


Alex Connelly

October 2018

My journey as an artist has been filled with the joys of being able to share and connect with friends and other artists from around the world. I'm currently based in Seattle, WA where I spend my days examining the deliciousness of honey, always expecting and failing to brew a perfect cup of coffee, and watching to see if I can actually see that moment a plant grows.

Amy Harris

August 2016

The mystery of geological formations inspires me.

The elaborate shapes that exist in them suggest a history of

dramatic transformation. I’m fascinated by the stories

behind these amazing monuments. All works are done in watercolor,

gouache, ink and pencil on paper.