Art at Lighthouse

We take pride in being part of the art community, encouraging and supporting local artists. We rotate artists on or about the first of each month.

Jon Mansen

May 2018

Jon Manson

"I made these pieces to honor the glory in the ordinary, and secondarily, to showing one of my ways of fighting ego. I attempt to resist the myths that human worth is found in status and credentials by revealing wonderful creatures, uncontainable moments, and genuine relationships that knock me off my feet and out of my head. These give me a glimpse of loyalty and love by looking to other creatures to learn from their accidental humility.

All works are hand made using paint markers, micron pens, spray paint, and oil paint."

Julia Carpenter

June 2017

June Artist

Julia Carpenter is best known for her large process-oriented paintings and drawings of birds and mammals. Carpenter holds a Master of Fine Arts from Montana State University and a BS in Art Education at University of Wisconsin-Madison. In Washington since 2010, Carpenter works as faculty at the Art Institute of Seattle, as well as a teacher at Kirkland Arts Center and Daniel Smith Artist Supplies.

"My work and process with its incessant adding, removing, scratching and carving into the media is a celebration of the tenacious life of these timorous beasties."

Julia Kowalski

August 2018

Julia Kowalski Thumbnail

Julia grew up in Washington but spent summers in Southeast Alaska on her family's fishing boat. She began working for the family fishing operation when she was 14 and began commercial seining on when she was 18. Today she considers herself semi-retired from commercial fishing and now works in Seattle as a graphic designer.