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Robert Williamson

January 2015

This is the third time that I’ve shown work at the Lighthouse during a January. I use these small shows to try out new things that I haven’t had the opportunity to do before. These figures are roughly based on small sketches and then interpreted with scraps of reclaimed wood which gives them an abstract quality that I enjoy.

More of my work can be seen on my website:

My blog page is called Drop Cloth and features short posts about recent work:

- Robert Williamson

Robert Williamson

March 2016

In his fourth show at the Lighthouse, Robert Williamson presents a series of reverse painted glass paintings with a Pacific Northwest focus on common local subjects from the natural world. These are loose studies of iconic regional lifeforms - pine mushrooms, shellfish, sitka spruce trees, ferns and the like.

The compositions are handled like graphic artwork, each complete with some sort of caption that only offers a partial description of what is depicted. The color palette across all is rooted in the oyster light of winter in Western Washington. Muted whites, browned ochres, soft blue grays and greens as utilized in most of the pieces.

The old, distressed wood windows that provide the supports are salvaged from old craftsman houses and evoke a bit of the surrounding residential neighborhood. They provide an inexpensive and somewhat quirky frame for these pieces. Williamson is always exploring new techniques and these are his first forays into reverse painting which requires starting with highlights and layering backwards to the background on a slippery, unabsorbent surface.

More about Robert and his work as Williamson Studio can be found at his website:

Robert Williamson

March 2017


A mixed media show by Robert Williamson. Opening March 4, 2017 
Paintings and wall sculptures that explore bodies of water and bodies in water. 
Knee deep, waist deep, some up to their necks … 
The show aims to show a wide variety of approaches within the small space that the cafe offers.
The work will be on display for the month of March. 
More of the artist’s work, both commercial and personal, can be seen on his website: