Art at Lighthouse

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We take pride in being part of the art community, encouraging and supporting local artists. We rotate artists on or about the first of each month.

Marty Knop

September 2018

Marty Knop

Marty Knop is an American artist whose work encompasses printmaking, coding, painting and drawing. His art explores the visual properties of numbers and graphed systems through the use of mathematics. Marty’s work has been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Seattle. He earned his BFA at CalArts in 2006, and his MFA in Printmaking from Cal State Long Beach in 2015.

Michelle Yamamoto

December 2015


I had a lot of fun painting the characters I love from my favorite movies, trying to capture the intensity of their struggles and triumphs in the depth of their roles. Our modern culture’s fascination with understanding their own humanity, through the cinematic experience, can be revealing, amusing and confronting, where we see how weird and wonderful we really are, giving us a good laugh along the way. Michelle Yamamoto

Nan Wonderly

July 2015


Repurposed tin objects, from old toys to tea tins and lunchboxes with their whimsy and patina, are my source materials. Turning them into art, instead of landfill waste, is my conscious creative action in response to environmental destruction, and our hubris surrounding it.