Art at Lighthouse

We take pride in being part of the art community, encouraging and supporting local artists. We rotate artists on or about the first of each month.

Ann-Marie Petersons

July 2017

Ann-Marie Petersons

It’s been several years since I’ve painted regularly. This last year I picked up my paint brushes again and have been working to reacquaint myself with the painting process. “Collected” is series inspired by the botanical bits and bobs that I’ve gathered from my garden and during walks around my neighborhood over the last few months. I’ve treated many of the paintings as sketches, experimenting with different brushstroke techniques and a limited color palette.

I can be reached at [email protected]

Anne Jarnagin

February 2015

These art pieces are a melding of wire, wool roving, bone, beads, feathers, textiles and encaustic wax w/ embedded image transfer.

Anne Nequette

August 2019

Anne Marie Nequette’s abstract paint and collage work focuses on issues related to global warming. She has a background in sculpture, installation and architecture.

Born in Los Angeles, she retired from the University of Arizona School of Architecture and returned to the fine arts in 2011 with her move to Seattle.