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Enzo Bourgette

August 2017

 I have been taking pictures since I was a little kid.  I still have the first disposable camera pictures I ever took.  I have a degree in film making.  I worked at the Ad Agency, Wexley School for Girls doing Internal Productions.  I mostly take pictures of nouns.

Do not take yourself to seriously, do not forget that people love you, and remember that you are who you surround yourself with.

I would love to take photos with you, grab a beer, drink a coffee, eat tacos, or just chat.  So feel free to get in contact with me.  There is more of my work, including non-portrait stuff on my website.

Flint Crumpacker

May 2016

Gabriel Newton

January 2017

Gabriel Newton's current work depicts the sentience of animals. His acrylic paintings focus on animals that reside in and around the sea for their mysterious nature and ability to inspire reverence. He uses a dichromatic palette to suggest the animal's spirit and to highlight the texture and subtle color variations in the found wood. WWW.GABRIELNEWTON.COM