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Kim Morris

September 2016

I have a lot of nostalgia around the square photograph. It was what I saw in my grandparent’s scrapbooks, and I grew up thinking that was shape of memories. 

This collection of photographs spans 4 years and ranges from the Mt. St. Helens to the New Orleans. (With a stop in Europe.)

Kim Murton

December 2017

Kim Murton has been making sculpture and functional ceramics in her home in Vancouver, WA. for nearly two decades.  Working mostly with low-fire terra-cotta clay and colored slips. Her work ranges from small round heads that fit in your hand to larger coil-built, abstract figurative totem pieces and large 3' tall heads. Her colorful, cartoon-like pieces are influenced from pre-Columbian and Mexican pottery, mixed with training and work history in animation and a love of comics. Long ago Kim studied ceramics at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and a study of  film and animation at The Cooper Union School of Art in NYC. After graduating she worked in the animation industry on staff  for RO Blechman, and later for JJ Sedelmaier, Jumbo Pictures, and Tony Eastman. A move west led to studio work and teaching at The Firehouse Pottery Lab in Boulder, Colorado and eventually a move further west and study at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon. Her work can be seen in and around Portland, OR, Seattle and Bainbridge Island, WA 

Lyra & Eden Dsouza

December 2014

Do you recognize Lyra and Eden Dsouza creating art at Lighthouse Roasters? Well, they are now 12 and 13, and still creating amazing art at the café with Delia Gerhard.You may have caught their show last year, which was lively and colorful.

They are launching a second show for December. There will be a small art opening on Sunday, November 30 from 5-7.

Please come and join us. Meet the artists!

Sincerely Eden, Lyra and Delia.