Art at Lighthouse

We take pride in being part of the art community, encouraging and supporting local artists. We rotate artists on or about the first of each month.

Jeremy Eaton

April 2018

Jeremy Eaton Artist

JEREMY EATON, EnERGETIC studio, 521 NW 43rd St., open 12 to 6 Sat. & Sun.

My art is primarily concerned with expressing an enthusiasm for mid twentieth century American print media; comic books, pulp magazines, candy wrappers, science fiction, everything considered cheap and generally unworthy, but which I find steeped in a mystifying and accidental visual beauty. I attempt to evoke this using chiefly acrylic paints on canvas and plywood, replicating the bygone splendor in a colorful and robust form. I am currently building a series of paintings representing Seattle history in landmarks both present and gone, some of which are in this showing.

Please give photo credit to: LAUREN MAX

And here's a link to the new video on my studio and art by LULU GARGIULO:

Jeremy Gibbs

July 2019

Jeremy Gibbs July 2019

Jeremy Gibbs has existed in the realm of professional art since 2001. The 2019 collection for the summer art series “65 Minutes per Hour” features a selection of graffiti inspired abstract portraits, wildlife and original floral designs.. This current collection is the culmination of his love of free form abstract with street art influences while still exercising a love of portraiture.


Jon Mansen

November 2016

Jon 10 16

These are portraits of some people who are special to me. They bring color and vibrancy to life, so I try to portray them colorfully and vibrantly.