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Eleanor Doughty

December 2019

Eleanor Doughty 3

Seattle, Seen

All of these paintings were created en plein air in Seattle, standing on the sidewalk or sitting on public benches.

Finishing touches were sometimes added back in the studio, but all of these pieces have infused in them the spirit of the place and experience of being there at that moment.

On location drawing allows me to meditatively appreciate details of structures and scenery over a long stretch of time. This is more important than ever, as development and renovations strip familiar views around us at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to capture these disappearing places and scenes, whether they are beloved and charming or ugly and oppressing, and whether their ephemerality is due to the changing seasons or massive redevelopment.

I encourage everyone seeing this to take time to slow down and be present in the world around us now, especially seemingly mundane scenes our own neighborhoods; appreciating the here & now.

Eleanor Doughty

A Virginia-born, Seattle-based artist and freelance illustrator, and offspring of two former cartographers. While she works with a variety of commercial and private clients, Eleanor’s passion is location drawing; she loves nothing more than standing on a sidewalk with a sketchbook on a sunny day, whether at home in her neighborhood

(Central District) or on the other side of the world. She is a member of the artist studio collective Common Area Maintenance in Belltown and is an active member and workshop leader with Seattle Urban Sketchers.