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Flint Crumpacker

September 2019

Sept 2019 Artist

The Power of Place

Painting can and should have moments within it. Sometimes there are special moments when sight, color, and shadow combine and together reveal something about the visual world we walk through every day.

Go to a street corner or a forested mountain range and look in a certain direction at a specific view for many hours. Then come back another day and look at that same vantage again for many hours.

Perhaps in this fast paced digital age where peripheral vision is blocked out to focus on tiny screens this sounds repetitive or monotonous, but for me this experience forms the foundation of my painting and is a deepening of understanding the power of place. I can learn much about how the world is put together and changes moment to moment, day to day as the light shifts, shadows move and colors brighten and dim.

Then in a way I try to project what I see back onto a canvas and I learn again what colors I can see or that shadows glow, and grapple with the true size and placement of objects and structures natural and human constructed. If I can have some enjoyable and revealing moments of discovery then I can experience again the power of a place I spent many hours gazing at and appreciating. If I can see this than maybe other people will too, and then the object that is the painting creates a shared experience of seeing over time when gentle moments occur when the world is clothed in flowing shadow and forms revealed in the light, where edges sharpen and also blur.

Flint Crumpacker 2019