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Julie Graber

January 2016


My souvenirs and memories are figured and refigured in my mind. I make photos of people, places, things. I put them back together after the moment has passed. I collect souvenirs every day. They change every day. They tarnish and tear. They are manipulated and repurposed so that I can remember them in a way that fits well inside my own mind.

I normally keep things close to home. My backyard becomes an enchanted forest, a hike leads to treasures, a dress too many sizes too big can suddenly transport a tiny body to magnificence.

I have always felt that without the photographic image I wouldn’t remember anything. I don’t remember what it feels like to be a child, to dress up, to dance in the rain. I make photographs so that I can preserve memories. They are my souvenirs- moments collected over time- recorded, reconstructed, and remembered.

The photographs in this collection were made between August 2013 and November 2014. The prints are made using an image transfer technique. More information about Julie can be found at Julie Graber Photography (