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Mark Randall

February 2016


With a love of POP, DADA and Surrealism, Mark Randall’s art can be best described as a tactile survey of elements from those artists he has admired and studied.

He uses common materials; paper, joint compound, house paint, tempera, markers, varnishes and found objects. Randall lavishes these media to wood, cardboard and rusty corrugated steel. He works on either a flat plane, a box or a column form.

Randall creates grounds of distressed paper collage and/or pure POP colors panels and stripes. Randall will then overlay a large format Xerox image and apply coats of varnish that “melts” the bond paper into the final composition.

The imagery evolves from his lifelong interest in tidbits of paper, random objects and popular sources from fashion, magazines, religion, film, photography, art history and the internet.

Randall works to makes the ordinary appear ….extraordinary