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Sam Hamrick

February 2019

Sam Hamrick Photo

I have been hooked on skeletons for some time. My interest was first piqued by the works of early Flemish painters Bosch and Bruegel, and the German Hans Holbein, whose woodcut series on the "Dance of Death" fascinated me. What capped it was the battle scene between Jason and the army of skeleton warriors in the 1963 movie 'Jason and the Argonauts', which I first saw at the age of ten in a darkened movie theater. That movie combined humor and terror in a way I had never seen before. Humor is a big part of my work, as is music.

Working a full time job does nor leave me a lot of time for my art, but I plug away at it the best I can. I have created a line of greeting cards that are sold in various stores in the Seattle area, including Dusty Strings Music Shop and Georgetown Records. You can also find my cards, prints, and t-shirts on my Etsy 'Fiddlebones' site.

If you are interested in any of my prints you can call me at 206-760-0660, or contact me by email at [email protected] I have left some business cards on the counter at Lighthouse Roasters.

Thanks to Lighthouse for allowing me to exhibit my work.