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Shelley Corbett

October 2019

Shelley Corbett 10092019

I’m a toy photographer. Or more specifically, I photograph LEGO minifigures. I stumbled into this photographic micro niche through my family’s love of LEGO. One of the many joys of photographing toys is that no one expects your photos to look realistic. Each image is a fantasy land that resides somewhere between painting and photography. By utilizing a short depth a field, soft focus and the use of encaustic medium I’m able to blur the lines between painting and photography.

As a long time Seattle art photographer, my work has primarily focused on the human figure. Only this time my muses are plastic and 4 cm tall. I love the challenge of bringing these toys to life. Each image is a snapshot into this magical world; a chapter in a short story. Sometimes these are my stories, sometimes their universal stories and sometimes they’re the stories the toys want to tell themselves. Personally I think my best photos inspire the viewer to make up their own story about the scene before them. I want my viewers to feel like they’re stepping into another world; a world where the toys are alive and where dreams do come true.

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