Our Coffees

It Is About Time! Lighthouse Coffees Are Now Available For Subscription. Look For The Button When Making Your Selection.

Lighthouse Roasters creates consistently great coffee in small batches of the freshest premium beans roasted in our vintage cast-iron roaster each day. All of our coffees are sold as a one pound, two pound, or five pound bag. We will grind your coffee for you.

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Ethiopian Harrar

Our Ethiopian Harrar coffee is one of the world's most complex, full-bodied and aromatic coffees. A distinct bouquet of fruit and spice. Superb.

Around the World

Four different coffees from around the globe. Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, are all included in this sampler pack of four, one half pound bags of the finest craft roasted coffees. If you are new to Lighthouse or just want to try out our different coffees this is a great way to do your own personal cupping at home.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the most exotic places on the planet. This coffee offers a bittersweet chocolate with traditional herbal notes, low acidity, and a dry finish. Certainly worth a cup while imagining yourself in a place that is far away from the world's troubles.

Sumatra Mandheling

Full bodied, nutty and spicy with a syrupy sweetness, Sumatra Mandehling surpasses its reputation as one of the world's unique and compelling coffees.

Mocca Java

This classic combo blends the delicate floral and fruit notes of Ethiopian Mocha Harrar with the rich, earthy taste of Java.

Roaster's Choice/Espresso

A full-bodied blend of Ethiopia, Sumatra and Latin high-grown arabicas. Thick and rich with hints of berry, chocolate and spice, Roaster's Choice blend manages flawless depth of character without a trace of bitterness. Roaster's touches the whole palate and stays clean. Our signature coffee that we use in house for our espresso. If you are new to drinking Lighthouse coffee this is a good starting point.

Kenya AA

One of the world's the world's unique and premiere beans, our Kenya achieves the highest grade (AA). Fine, clean body with distinct notes of citrus.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Among East Africa's most highly-desired and distinctive coffees, Yirgacheffe is a medium fragrant and flowery bean with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Captain Bert's Breakfast Blend

Found at the crossroads of Indonesia and Latin America, Captain Bert's achieves rare fluidity and depth. Ideal for drip or french press.

Lighthouse Blend

A fusion of our favorite fresh Latin American coffees. Medium-bodied with light acidity, Lighthouse Blend exposes subtle notes of chocolate and fruit over a super-clean and simple cup.

Espresso Blend

Thick and rich with hints of berry, chocolate and spice, Lighthouse Espresso blend manages flawless depth of character without a trace of bitterness.

Viennese Blend

The deep, dark and flavorful blend of two rich, dark roasts -- Full City and French Roast -- Viennese Blend delivers.

French Sumatra

The dark caramelized flavor of a French Roast, combined with the deep complex taste of Indonesia. Indulge yourself.

French Roast

Deep, dark and smoky, Lighthouse French Roast has a full-bodied carmelized flavor, but with very little acidity. Darkly roasted from rugged Latin blends.


All of the fabled Latin flavor of our trademark Lighthouse Blend. If you love the flavor but have had a falling out with the effects, meet an amazing Decaf. A superior organic coffee, minus the caffeine, and with significantly lower acid than your standard Joe. After selection, the green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The beans are then introduced to a solution concentrated with coffee solubles that extract the caffeine without extracting the coffees particular flavor. This Decaf works well with all brewing methods, French Press, Espresso, Drip, etc... Go ahead, have another!