Kenya Endebess Estate Natural Processed Microlot

Bold and Bright, Dried Blueberry, And Dried Strawberry


Kenya began producing coffee in the late nineteenth century, and though it is not one of the world’s highest volume producers, Kenya coffee is highly prized by coffee connoisseurs.

Like all Kenya coffees, this Endebess Estate natural is grown at exceptionally high altitude, which leads to increased bean density and intense flavors. To maximize its positive attributes, the growers take exceptional care with the harvesting and processing of each lot, making sure that only perfectly ripe cherries are picked and that the coffee is absolutely free of defects. The result is a bold, sweet and nuanced coffee that is impeccably clean. With every pound of Endebess Estate Natural purchased, Lighthouse makes a donation to a University of Washington program operated in Kenya called Treatment, Research and Expert Education. (or TREE for short) The program is usually focused on womens’ health initiatives, but has temporarily shifted its focus to covid relief work in light of the pandemic.