Lighthouse Roasters tries to do our best at providing simple and effective packaging for our coffees.  We strongly believe that you are purchasing our coffees based on the quality of the product inside and not the packaging.  Lighthouse Roasters is trying to do our part in leaving the smallest footprint possible while we roast some of the finest coffees available.  Our one and two pound bags are compostable after removing the tin-ties, we are working hard to make our five pound bags compostable as well.  Our bag labels are made from compostable materials so you can leave them on the bags when you compost them.  Our online sales shipments are in plain kraft boxes with minimal, if any packaging inside.  This is all done by design in efforts to leave as little trace as possible in providing our customers a quality product.

We hope that you will take the same approach as we do in your daily lives.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any and all ideas or suggestions that might make your experience in doing business with Lighthouse a better one.


Thank you