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Ecuador Farmgate Zamora

Ecuador Farmgate Zamora

Flavor Profile: Lime, Caramel, Chocolate, Sweet, Clean

Roast: Medium

100% Ecuador

From Juan Peña and his team at CafExporto, producers of some of Ecuador’s most famous microlots, comes a new project: a top-tier regional blend from Ecuador’s far south, produced entirely according to the same protocols as Hacienda La Papaya, Juan Peña’s award-winning farm. 

Zamora Chinchipe, in which Chito is the southeastern corner, is one of Ecuador’s southernmost provinces. This part of the country is almost entirely high elevation and is covered in various microclimates of páramo (alpine tundra) , humid forests, and jungle. This stretch of the Andes is a kind of ecological bridge between the vast inland Amazonian basin to the east, and the coastal desert of northern Peru. It’s a unique blend of humid and arid zones with an elevation and fertility that privileges specialty coffee production. Zamora Chinchipe in particular, because of its closeness to the Amazon, is associated by Ecuadorians with an unparalleled natural wealth, and coffee producing areas are interspersed with national parks and protected forests.

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