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Colombia El Vergel

This Red and Yellow Caturra is one of the Flagship coffees produced at El Vergel. Located in the their micro-lot next to the washing station and surrounded by Guava trees, this coffee profile has been one of the most intense and fruity coffees developed by the estate. With flavor notes of strawberry, guava, watermelon, and dark chocolate. This delicious, lighter roasted coffee is in limited supply, so do not miss out on this opportunity to try something new from Lighthouse.

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Getting the most out of our coffees and roasting the way that we do.

Coffee roasting is an art and a science, the goal of which is to take the seed of a coffee cherry and use heat and air flow to transform it into the beverage we all know and love. There are thousands of ways to go about this, and even more opinions about which way is “right” and which is “wrong.” We don’t worry about the trend of the moment in the coffee world; we just roast great coffee.

We spent years dialing in our roast profiles, and we are very intentional about how we maximize the flavor of each bean. We don’t chase trends. Instead, our goal is to roast the coffee to the literal sweet spot, where body, flavor, and acidity are balanced, and origin character can shine.

The result is a range of coffees that all have distinctive characteristics, with a common thread of pronounced dark chocolate flavors, heavy body, toffee sweetness, and just the right amount of bite. We let the coffee speak for itself.

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