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Featured Coffee

Espresso Blend

Thick and rich with hints of berry, chocolate and spice, Lighthouse Roaster's Espresso Blend manages flawless depth of character without a trace of bitterness.

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Alex Connelly

This Month's Artist

Alex Connelly

My journey as an artist has been filled with the joys of being able to share and connect with friends and other artists from around the world. I'm currently based in Seattle, WA where I spend my days examining the deliciousness of honey, always expecting and failing to brew a perfect cup of coffee, and watching to see if I can actually see that moment a plant grows.

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Our Coffees

We purchase our beans from a few different sources who have direct contact with the coffee farmers. We know the farmers who grow our beans are getting the best prices and can count on their beans being purchased year after year.

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Art at Lighthouse

We take pride in being part of the art community, encouraging and supporting local artists. Take a closer look.

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About Lighthouse

One of Seattle’s original roaster cafes, Lighthouse has spent more than twenty years creating a loyal following of coffee lovers by treating the coffee buying, roasting and drink-making as a noble calling.

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