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Our Coffee Comes In 1 Pound And 5 Pound Bags

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At Lighthouse, our devotion to exceptional coffee is evident in every small batch we create. Using only the freshest premium beans, we roast daily in our vintage cast-iron roaster to bring you unparalleled flavor and freshness. Our commitment to coffee as a craft and passion has allowed us to cultivate a thriving community of coffee lovers.

Our expert baristas are at the heart of Lighthouse, each one dedicated to delivering not only exquisite coffee drinks but also unmatched customer service. With all our coffee roasted on-site at our unique neighborhood café, you'll be greeted with the irresistible aroma of freshly prepared coffee each time you visit.

Your journey to delightful coffee and engaging conversation begins at Lighthouse. We invite you to visit and be a part of our coffee-loving community. Your exceptional coffee experience awaits at Lighthouse. Contact us or drop by today!