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Our Coffee Comes In 1 Pound And 5 Pound Bags

Fine Specialty Coffees Roasted In Seattle Since 1993

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House Blends

Our house blends are carefully curated with exceptional coffees from around the world and then blended together to create a balance of flavor, acidity, and body.  Whatever your coffee preferences may be, there is a blend out there for you. 

Single Origins

Delve into the distinct character of single-origin coffees that capture the terroir and nuances of specific regions, allowing you to savor the exceptional flavors and complexities that each unique origin brings.

Best Sellers

Whether you are ordering online or in our cafe, our customers consistently rave about this collection of blends and single-origin coffees. Each of which offers a unique experience in flavor. Trust us - you will not be disappointed.


When you join Lighthouse Roasters' coffee subscription, the process is stress-free! Simply select your desired coffee, quantity, and frequency of deliveries. From there, you can rest assured that your coffee will always be fresh - we roast it 6 days a week!

Getting the most out of our coffees and roasting the way that we do.

Coffee roasting is an art and a science, the goal of which is to take the seed of a coffee cherry and use heat and air flow to transform it into the beverage we all know and love. There are thousands of ways to go about this, and even more opinions about which way is “right” and which is “wrong.” We don’t worry about the trend of the moment in the coffee world; we just roast great coffee. 

We spent years dialing in our roast profiles, and we are very intentional about how we maximize the flavor of each bean.  We don’t chase trends. Instead, our goal is to roast the coffee to the literal sweet spot, where body, flavor, and acidity are balanced, and origin character can shine. 

The result is a range of coffees that all have distinctive characteristics, with a common thread of pronounced dark chocolate flavors, heavy body, toffee sweetness, and just the right amount of bite. We let the coffee speak for itself. 


Our coffee roasting combines art and science to maximize flavor. With refined roast profiles, we achieve balance, letting the distinct origin character shine.


Quality matters more than trends. We roast great coffee, allowing its inherent qualities to speak for themselves—pronounced dark chocolate flavors, a rich body, toffee sweetness, and balanced acidity.


Years of mastery in roasting ensure the perfect sweet spot—where body, flavor, and acidity harmonize—creating consistently exceptional coffees.


Our meticulous roasting unveils unique characteristics. While dark chocolate, heavy body, and toffee sweetness tie them together, each bean showcases its own origin flavor for a diverse range of coffee experiences.

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Seattle's Finest Coffee Subscription

You toss and turn, flip and flop all night long, dreaming of waking up to a horrific scene in the morning - an empty coffee bag with not a bean to be seen anywhere. Worst case scenario! Suddenly, you snap out of it and sit up straight in a cold sweat. You leap out of bed and run straight to the kitchen. To your great relief, you find your bag of delicious Lighthouse coffee on the counter. Phew, that was close.

Delight in the finest handpicked coffees delivered to your doorstep, showcasing diverse flavors from around the world. Join our vibrant community of coffee enthusiasts, savor exclusive content, and elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

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