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Our Coffee Comes In 1 Pound And 5 Pound Bags

Coffee Subscriptions

Subscribe and Save 10% On Every Order

You toss and turn, flip and flop all night long, dreaming of waking up to a horrific scene in the morning - an empty coffee bag with not a bean to be seen anywhere. Worst case scenario! Suddenly, you snap out of it and sit up straight in a cold sweat. You leap out of bed and run straight to the kitchen. To your great relief, you find your bag of delicious Lighthouse coffee on the counter. Phew, that was close.

Delight in the finest handpicked coffees delivered to your doorstep, showcasing diverse flavors from around the world. Join our vibrant community of coffee enthusiasts, savor exclusive content, and elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

Start A Coffee Subscription

Lighthouse Roasters' subscription service provides the perfect way to make sure you never run short of coffee, freshly roasted and always flavorful. You are in charge of how much and when your order is delivered to you.

Gift A Coffee Subscription

If you're looking to express your gratitude and thoughtfulness to a special someone, gifting them a Lighthouse Roasters coffee subscription is the perfect way to do it.

Subscriptions FAQ

Why Should I Subscribe?

Make Lighthouse Roasters your go-to coffee source and never worry about running out again! Simply select the type of coffee you'd like, determine the quantity, and set the frequency of orders - we'll handle the rest. Plus, with our coffee roasted six days a week, you can be sure that each delivery is as fresh as possible. Shipping is conveniently handled through USPS Monday to Friday, so your coffee order is always within reach. As an added bonus, you'll save 10% when you opt for a subscription.

How Often Will I Receive My Coffee?

Your call, you can set up your subscription to be delivered on a one, two, three, four, or six week interval. Choose between a 16oz or 80oz. bag sizes.

Is There A Time Commitment For A Subscription?

Nope, there is no time commitment with a subscription, you can cancel at anytime.

Can I Pause My Subscription?

Yes, you sure can, just login to your account and pause your subscription. Resume when you are back from that wonderful vacation.

Can I Change The Amount Of Coffee I Receive Or Change The Grind With Each Order?

Indeed you can, just login to your account and go to subscriptions under my account and edit your subscription.

How Do I Receive My Coffee?

We ship via USPS Monday through Friday. We are a busy little roastery turning beans brown six days a week, so you can count on your coffee being fresh.

Can I Skip An Order If I Have Too Much Coffee?

Yes, please login to your account page, go to subscriptions and just click on the skip next payment button.