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Our Coffee Comes In 1 Pound And 5 Pound Bags

Lighthouse 9931
Lighthouse 9931

Ethiopia Guji

Flavor Profile: Citrus, black tea, clean, balanced, and syrupy

Roast: Medium

100% Washed Ethiopia

Over the past few years, Guji coffee has garnered significant interest from the specialty coffee industry, and it's not hard to see why. A number of privately owned washing stations have emerged in the region, where coffee has historically been processed through a natural (dry) method. These stations produce exceptionally high-quality washed coffees, likely due in part to their proximity to Yirgacheffe.

Washed process coffees from Ethiopia are brighter and more floral than the natural process coffees produced there.  The cup is complex and elegant, offering lively citrus tones, complex tropical fruit and notes of jasmine and honeysuckle in the finish.  

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