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Lighthouse 9929
Lighthouse 9929


Flavor Profile: Caramel apple, maple, milk chocolate, herbal, full-bodied

Roast: Medium

100% Java

The Portuguese colonists initially established coffee cultivation on East Timor more than four centuries ago. However, the destruction caused by leaf rust led to a decline in production until a new coffee variety known as Híbrido de Timor was introduced in the 1900s. At present, the average small producer cultivates coffee on less than a hectare of land. In 1994, the CCT was established with assistance from the USDA and the NCBA (National Cooperative Business Association) to help small producers market their coffee globally.

The coffees of Timor are known for having much of the syrupy body, low acidity and exceptional sweetness of Sumatra, with a bit less of its intense earthiness. It is a great coffee for people who prefer a sweet, mellow profile rather than sharp acidity.

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