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Our Coffee Comes In 1 Pound And 5 Pound Bags

Lighthouse 9918
Lighthouse 9918

Roaster's Choice

Flavor Profile: Heavy Body, Anise, Port Wine, Molasses

Roast: Medium Dark

Origins: 25% Ethiopia, 25% Sumatra, 25% Guatemala, 25% Colombia

Our most popular blend, this is the coffee we use in-house for our espresso. Roaster’s Choice brings together coffees from Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia to create a complex, full-bodied and versatile blend that is perfectly suited for any brewing method: drip coffee, pour over, French press, and (of course) espresso.

As a brewed coffee, it is full bodied and smooth, with a touch of port wine acidity and a sweet finish.

As an espresso, it has a pronounced toffee note, creamy body, a touch of cherry, and lots of dark chocolate in the finish.

If you are new to Lighthouse, this is a good introduction to our coffees.

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